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This is the item section. Ladeeda.

Scrapbook of meticulousness

Costs 25 gold and shows up in the magic shop.

Depending on the level of completion, quests will be credited with a proportional experience bonus. The book is divided into different sections: Monsters, Valuables, Warrior's equipment, Magician's equipment and Explorer's equipment. It fills up when you battle monsters, come across items or battle in the arena.


Sets will be added with the correct english descriptions since the German translations of it are incorrect.

Golden Obesity Helmet of the Hedonist

Golden Obesity Helmet of the Hedonist.png

"Even the lazy ones can win"

Steel Knuckles of the Bar Brawler

Image 1 (4).png

"You can't possibly beat this argument"

Shield of Future Generations

Shield of Future Generations.png

"No child left unblocked"

Block 25%


Watchmen Shield of Watching

"And who watches the Watchmen?"

Block 25%


Demon Massacre Boots

"To slay a demon you've got to get there in the first place, so you need a sensible pair of boots."

Armor 84

Luck +110

THE Ring

"Yes, exactly, THIS one!"

Strength +22 - +56

Constitution +22 - +56

Luck +22 - +56

Terror Tunic of the Grim Reaper

"Your time has come!"

Armor 50

All attributes +30

Cujo's Collar of Biting

"He just wants to play..."

All attributes +27

Leather Pants of the Beer Consumption

"Wearer feels the urge to yodel at every full moon."

Armor 136

All attributes +23

Decadent Necklace of the Oligarch

"It's ugliness is only excelled by it's price."

All attributes +21

Freezer Burn Robe of the Cold Store Worker

"This must be the coolest outfit ever."

Armor 51

Luck +95

Silver Soul Harvester of the Grim Reaper

"The harvest will be bountiful this year."

Damage 70 - 118 (~94)

Intelligence +44

Constitution +44

Luck +44

Giant Diamond Ring of the Show-Off

"You don't wear it.

You just own it."

Luck +115

Chromatic Chrome Belt

"Always follow the cleaning and maintenance schedule."

Armor 268

Strength +20

Constitution +20

Luck +20

Belt of the Mutated Battle Turtle

"It's bearer is blessed with secret ninja powers."

Armor 25

All attributes +10

Blinking Chain of Lights

"It must be Christmas time."

Luck +165

Chromatic Chrome Gloves

"Made from chrome alone."

Armor 404

Strength +34

Constitution +34

Luck +34

Flame Steel Boots

"Hope dies last. Your enemy dies first."

Armor 91

Strength +11

Constitution +11

Luck +11

The Forbidden Book

"Rated M for Mature"

Intelligence +73

Constitution +73

Luck +73

Staff of the Shrunken Head

"He does not look so happy"

Damage 273-321 (~297)

Intelligence +152

Constituion +152

Luck +152

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Unique Items will be added with the correct English descriptions since the German translations of it are incorrect.