"Hey bro! Can you repair this?"

DOINKain!" ~ Part from Preparations

The shops - both weapon and magic shop - provide equipment, weapons, charms, or potions to a player's needs.

Weapon ShopEdit


The weapon shop owner at night

Here one can find all types of equipment including helms, chest armor, gloves, boots, belts, weapons and shields. Items primarily cost gold however they require mushrooms when their price is lowered. Players can also make use of mushrooms (1 mushroom each time) to refresh the items in the store.

Magic ShopEdit


The magic shop owner at night

The magic shop, as the name implies sells all sorts of magical accessories and potions to help you in your journey. The shopkeeper is Fidget the gnome magician who will serve you anytime you go into his shop. 

The items cost gold and silver however there are some occasions when one must pay mushrooms as well to procure the item.

Additionally players can also use 1 mushroom to refresh the stock as many times as they want.

Mushroom shopEdit

The mushroom shop is for players who wish to buy more mushrooms for real money. There are many options to choose from, depending on the amount of mushrooms they want to buy, and what type of payment option they choose.

The cost of the mushrooms may vary through numerous factors like where does the player live, what type of currency does the player want to pay with, and of course the quantity of the mushrooms also define the price.