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"Enter the tavern to meet quest givers, drunkards and all kinds of scoundrels."

The tavern is the main aspects of the game. It is the place for questing, drinking, gambling and more....


Thirst is displayed in the bottom of screen in a wooden bar. One point of thirst is worth one minute of questing. Maximum amount of thirst is 100, and when depleted, you can no longer obtain quests. However, it can be replenished by drinking at Bartender. Thirst replenishes every day.

Quest Giver, Quests[]

Quest Giver

Random Quest Giver

Quest Giver menu[]

Quest Givers are randomly generated characters, that offer randomly generated quests and rewards. Each NPC has it's own quest description, and three different quests to choose. Quest location is highlighted in the description, as it matters for Globetrotter achievement (for achievements, see Scrapbook) and Pet collecting. (for pets, see Pets)


Each quest will reward you with given amount of Gold and XP. Quest duration can vary up to 20 minutes, which can be shortened by owning a mount. (for mounts, see Stables) Quest duration time can be skipped by Quicksand Hourglass or by spending a Mushroom. (Mushroom only between 23:00 and 0:00) Various loot such as Mushrooms, weapons, accessories, armor and Dungeon Keys can also be rarely found during quests.

One Mushroom is guaranteed to be found in every first quest of the day.

Red Quests are more difficult, but offer more rewards.



Bartender can be found on the right side of the screen. He offers drinks to buy, one drink is worth one Mushroom. Each drink replenishes your thirst for additional 20 points. He will sell you maximum of 10 drinks a day.

One more beer is available for free when item with Thirsty Wanderer enchantment is equipped.




On the left side of the screen, there's a guy that allows you to gamble. Gambling is risky business, even in the game. You can bet from 10% up to 100% of your Gold/Mushrooms. Thereafter the Gambler will shuffle three pods and let you choose the one under which is a ball hiding. If you guess correctly, you will be rewarded with the double of your bet. If you doesn't guess correctly, you will lose your bet.

Gambling Mushrooms is only possible when they are bought from the Dealer.


By unlocking Pets (for pets, see Pets) and Tower (for Tower, see Dungeons), you will be able to play dice.

Small icon bottom left will appear to switch between those two modes. Gambler will throw five dice with various symbols on the desk. If at least three of the dice have same symbol, you will receive desired reward. By clicking on the dice, it will be put aside and kept for the next throw. It can be done with 1 to 4 dice. The dice can be thrown twice in a single "throw". Gambler allows you to play dice 10x a day, every one hour, or instantly by using Quicksand Hourglass.

Possible dice symbols:

  • Quicksand Hourglass
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Gold
  • Arcane Splinters
  • Souls
  • Epic items (Epic Good Luck Extravaganza event required)

Gambling Guide[]

This guide is here since 2010, but it seems kind of effective.

Basically, you start at 5 or 10 gold. If you don't win, double the bet until you do. Once you win go back to 5 or 10.

Here's an example:
Gold bet Gold after gambling
5 Miss
10 20
5 Miss
10 Miss
20 Miss
40 Miss
80 160
5 10
5 10
5 Miss
10 20

City Guard

City Guard[]

City guard duty is accessed by clicking on the soldier standing on the upper floor.

There, you can adjust duration/reward by moving the slider. After your duty is over, you will automatically receive promised gold. While on duty, you aren't able to do questing, access arena or dungeons. (accessing arena and dungeons is possible with Magic Mirror)

Arcane Toilet

Arcane Toilet[]

Arcane Toilet is accessed by clicking on the door at the upper floor. However, it requires you to have a Key to unlock the door. Key to Arcane Toilet is available when level 100 is reached and can be uncommonly found in any quest.

By throwing an item to the toilet, you will sacrifice it to the gods and fill mana tank. Once the tank is filled, pull the chain to flush the Arcane Toilet. This act will reward you with random gear item and increase Aura. (reach Aura level 20 to unlock Unhere Pet) Also, an item thrown into the toilet will change its look and class preference. (Warrior's axe will turn into Hunter's bow) Flushed items lost their value and can be sold for 0 Gold.

Only one item can be flushed every day to increase mana.

Daily Missions Sheet

Mission Of The Day[]

Daily missions are unlocked by reaching level 10 and can be found near the Toilet door.

There, you can find funny mission description and beneath it, mission objective. After completing the objective, just click on the mission sheet to receive given amount of XP.