"Ah... Hey Shakes, did you hear that!"

"Umm.. Erm... What?"

The tavern is the main part of the game. It is the place for questing, drinking, and gambling.

Quest NPCEdit


the quest NPC

The NPC's are randomly generated with randomly generated quest and rewards. Each NPC has a description and 3 quests that you can choose. The time a quest takes can vary up to 20 minutes, which can be shortened if you have a mount, depending on your level. If you're at a low level and don't know which quest to choose, choose a quest with a high gold/time ratio (exp/time if you're at a high level), and no matter what level you are at, it's recomended to choose a quest which has dungeon keys that you don't already have, or a  piece of equipment that's better than your current one. Also be sure to pay attention to the quest's description because some of them are quite amusing.



The barman

The NPC on the right can give you beers that refill your Thirst of Adventure  by 20 points per 1 mushroom. It's only recommended to buy 2 beers each day for nonshroomers. If you want to make a lot of gold on a gold weekend, refilling is the way to go.

Note on the weekends there are event bonuses. Past event bonuses include, increased Exp, increased Gold, or increased chance of finding shrooms. So it is recommended to save up shrooms during the weekdays and refilling on weekends (from non-shroom purchasers). You are given 100 thirst a day, and the barman will refill your thirst at most 10 times a day.



The Gambler

On the left side, there's a NPC that allows you to gamble. Gambling is risky buisness, even in the game. It's not recomended for lower level players.

Gambling GuideEdit

Never risk gambling if you have less than 9000 gold. If you have anything more than that then follow this video Gold Trick

Basically, you start at 5 or 10 gold. If you don't win, double the bet untill you do, once you win go back to 5 or ten.

Here's an example

Gold - Gold after gambling

5 - Miss

10 - 20

5 - Miss

10 - Miss

20 - Miss

40 - Miss

80 - 160

5 - 10

5 - 10

5 - Miss

10 - 20

and so on. Don't try this unless you have over 9000 shrooms!


(Seriously, it's really not recomended.)